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Man From Game

The new Single EDM "Man From Game" soon in free download on our site. The Track written and sung by Kate and Marvin sounds at 126 bpm with Bass and Powerful chest. The track is composed of 2 musical genres...

Walk Alone

The new Single Vocal Trance "Walk Alone" by Fluid On Black was released only yesterday, it has already conquered the public. This track is powerful and at the same time it takes your heart. The danceable part fills you with...

Inside Your Planet

New Psy Trance track by Fluid On Black released April, 27. “Inside Your Planet” is full of energy, thanks to vocals by Marvin Gahan this track give us smile and positive energy, makes you to dance and jump with sound of bass.

Sunshine In Your Heart

Fluid On Black launches its Trance track “Sunshine In Your Heart” in free download. The track is full of melodic sounds but at the same time full-bodied with the bass that fill your heart with emotions. The magical, thrilling final touch of Kate Wings with her voice that almost never fails in the most exciting tracks of Fluid On Black. Close your eyes, listen to the track and look for the sun in your heart.


March, 24 Fluid On Black’s new Psy Trance track “Xelhua” will be released. This track has a unique, hypnotic sound with the voice of Kate Wings that makes us travel in a parallel world, a Psy Trance world by Fluid On Black. The title of the track was inspired by the ancient legend and by the archeology of the ancient worlds. The bass and bongos play a big role in the track, which makes you want to jump and dance at the same time.

We Come In Peace

We come In peace,new single Psy Trance music. We are pleased to present the new Fluid On Black single “We Come In Peace”, in which there is a lot of group energy with the voice of Kate Wings and Marvin Gahan. The track doesn’t make you indifferent, you want to dance, to the rhythm of the bass and a sound full of energy.Soon they will play it in their Psy Trance Show “IO”.

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